Our mission is to follow Jesus Christ as members of the Anglican Communion; to know and grow in Christ, and to serve and share Him through Eucharistic worship, biblical teaching, gospel preaching, and a loving ministry to all people.


Our service follows the pattern Jesus gave us at the Last Supper on the night He died. We do as He commanded, that we might experience the power and love of His presence through the Holy Spirit in our midst.

Historically this form has come to us through the English Book of common Prayer down to our New Book of Common Prayer.

Blessed be Father, Son and Holy Spirit

~ We begin the service with the WORD OF GOD with readings from the Bible.

~ A SERMON follows which applies the truth of the Bible to everyday life and helps us understand how wea re to live in God’s love for us.

~ We recommit our lives to God in the historic statement of faith – THE NICENE CREED.

~ We PRAY FOR THE NEEDS of the World, the Nation, our community, one another and ourselves.

~ We share the PEACE OF GOD with each other.

~ We believe that Jesus Christ is present in the MASS,  or The Eucharist.

~ At the DISMISSAL our worship ends and our service begins.

We send the people out into the world carrying the love of God to our community.